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Green tint on edge of sublimated socks

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I'm running into an issue and I'm not sure why it is happening. I'm getting a green hue printing on the edge of my dye sublimation socks. Any help would be much appreciated!


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How do the other areas of the sock look?
Do you see this on any other finished socks with different colors near the edges?

If you don't see the issue throughout the sock body (only the edges) and other sock edges with different colors don't have any color shift / variation issues....it's your black dye.

Some black dye that doesn't get adequate pressure to sublimate fully do to the substrate's thickness, creases, folds, edges, seams, etc will partially dye with another hue.....you would think it would be grey.

...Nope not so with some dye sub black. Many dye sub blacks are actually a mixture of other colors and when partially sublimated due to lack of heat and pressure as stated above....ugly little gremlins bubble out in those areas. I have seen shades of green, purple even maroon. it all depends on the black and what is being used to create the black dye.

In the large format world, anyone worth their salt, should always ask the ink vendor "...is the black a TRUE black?". A true black will partially image or ghost grey or shades of grey. Unfortunately, with many small format dye set-ups, you take what you have been sold. Unless you desire to learn how to professionally profile your workflow; then you can use different dyes or actually increase the amount of black used through linearization, etc

Sorry about the long winded answer. Hey maybe it's the socks. Have you pressed a plan pair under heat?

Hope this helps

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Thanks so much for the thoughtful response. I think it could be the heat press issue but I'm not sure how to correct it. It would make sense that the side of the sock wouldnt be under the same amount of pressure as the top of the sock, thus creating a different hue.

I'll also try pressing a plain pair of socks. Thanks again
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If you ever figure out a way to do socks without the "seam" line let us all know.
Real simple answer.

Black undercooked is green.

Black overcooked is brown. :):welcome:
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