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Green Film Inquiry

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Anyone still using green film on silkscreen printing? Is it still effective nowadays? I remember using this back on college years... just wondering what are the advantage and disadvantages of using green film versus emulsion. Whats the best brand to use and where can I buy it? Anybody cares to answer my inquiries?

Have a great day, pips! Thanks!
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Do you mean capillary film? You get better ink deposit control and better definition of the prints, but you won't notice either on a rough surface like a tshirt.
Yeah, capillary film. Is there any recommendation of what kind or brand I should get? I got a printing job to do. About 100 pcs of shirts and was wondering if I could use this capillary film rather than doing the long process of emulsion for my screen. Think cutter printer can do the cutting of film for me?

Thanks, Dave!
It takes some art to get a decent screen with capillary film, I'm useless at it.
Emulsion is pretty straightforward.
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