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Just thought I would share what my newest location in Maryland has come up with over the last month. We had been searching for an ink remover and in the process stumbled on a great option for cleaner as well. We started to use Saati IR18 and actually diluted with water since right out of the 5 gallon container was too strong. 10oz of IR18 and 25oz water as our ink remover. It has worked great. This also works amazing as a ink cleaner and such for squeegees, press, and more. In the long run we are able to cut down on chemicals used and get more value per 5 gallon container. $147 on average delivered for a 5 gallon container now provides us with about 16 gallons when mixed, or about $2.30 per quart. I have also been told IR18 can be used as a last step haze remover but we have yet to give that a try.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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