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great job opportunity in Phoenix

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We need an (entrepreneurial) Manager...

...to run our social enterprise. Well-funded, Phoenix non-profit is seeking a hands-on General Manager to run our T-shirt business. This is currently a low-volume shop that, with management/vision, can surpass $1,000,000 in annual sales.

We have:

* a fully-equipped (albeit low-tech) production shop
* a large untapped market of businesses that want to support our charity
* an existing small staff with access to variable labor via paid interns
* administrative support (accounting, IT, H/R, purchasing) from the parent entity

Your challenges:
* Grow the business by leveraging the non-profit parent’s community branding
* Develop a sales strategy: we will fund the hiring of a commissioned sales person.
* Coordinate and supervise production: staff of one production lead + one part-time employee. We will also add incremental workers, from our charity’s client base, as volume warrants.
* Be TOTALLY committed to customer service.

You will literally/figuratively get your hands dirty.

We offer a competitive base salary and a success-based bonus plan as well as full benefits.

To apply please send us an email, in 250 words or less, describing why you are qualified. We don’t want a “cover letter”; your email is the first interview - so…be creative, but truthful about your capabilities

[email protected]

This is a great opportunity to run/grow an end-to-end business, make some money, and have a well-funded parent help you avoid the usual start-up hassles.
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This is good post, members should promote it in their areas. May be we can help "Rickinaz"
You did not post your equipment or tools available to produce garments.
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