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Great Garment Graphics Offers Free Video on Getting Into Promo Products

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In a video offered by Great Garment Graphics on its website at Great Garment Graphics online how-to webinarsGreat Garment Graphics, Mary Blondell, promotional products manager, Stahls’ ID Direct, presents “Expand Your Business Into The Promotional Products Market.”

Blondell starts off with an overview explaining what a promotional product is and how the industry is organized. She also explains the decorator’s role in this industry.

From there, she talks about some of the many promotional products markets such as employee recognition, corporate gifts, sales incentives, trade shows, and brand name promotion. The industry’s two major associations are mentioned along with the services they offer and the benefits of becoming a member.

Next, viewers learn the many advantages to getting involved in promotional products. These include selling more to existing customers, preventing loyal customers from having to go elsewhere, and expanding into new markets. Potential new markets are listed such as the automotive industry, government, healthcare/medical, insurance, manufacturers, real estate, charities, and more.

The wide range of promotional products that can be decorated with heat printing are reviewed and include umbrellas, rain ponchos, wine coolers, koozies, foldable chairs, gloves, scarves, laptop cases, lunch totes, and garment bags. By the end of the video, the viewer has an excellent overview on the lucrative promotional products market and how to get started.

To view this video go to Expand Your Business into the Promotional Product MarketGreat Garment Graphics.

Great Garment Graphics is an organization devoted solely to the education of newcomers and established decorators on heat-applied graphics. It offers regularly scheduled free Webinars, as well as videos and a blog. The site also has a significant amount of educational information about the various types of heat-applied processes and materials. It’s a great starting point for anyone interested in doing heat-applied printing of any kind. Check it out at Great Garment Graphics online how-to webinarsGreat Garment Graphics.
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