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Whether it’s carpentry, roofing or high-rise welding, construction and T-shirts have traditionally been a good match, combining comfort and offering a practical way to identify with a skill, trade or company. Recent additions to the Great Dane Graphics occupation designs open even more sales opportunities in this diverse market. A backhoe loader digging, an “angry paintbrush,” a handyman and a front-end loader join hundreds of graphics of tools, machines and equipment.

Realistic to cartoon-style artwork and customizable templates make it easy to create just the right look to appeal to a varied array of potential customers. From builders and suppliers to equipment and tool companies and businesses catering to workers, you’ll have what it takes to sell and produce, quickly and efficiently.

Great Dane’s stock art can be used alone or elements can be combined to create unique graphics. All artwork is royalty-free and can be used for screen printing, signage, sublimation or digital transfers, embroidery and cut vinyl designs.

The three affordable plans allow you to choose the level that best suits your business and budget. Each also includes access to customizable templates.

The Lil’ Pup lets you download 10 stock art files a month and view free training videos. The Big Dog offers 50 monthly downloads of any art file on the GDG site, access to all training videos and a private Facebook group, and a 10 percent discount on products. The Great Dane shares the same features as The Big Dog, but with 200 downloads a month.

Go to www.greatdanegraphics.com to see subscription package choices as well as the full collection of designs. For more information, email [email protected] or call (800) 829-0836.

Great Dane Graphics is the leading supplier of royalty-free, high-quality, full-color stock images for use in screen printing, digital printing (direct to garment, dye sublimation), printing/cutting, inkjet/laser printing transfers or embroidery digitizing. Other products include T-Shirt Artwork Simplified how-to art books for Adobe and Corel, Learning Photoshop training DVDs, and Operation Screen Print-Mission Killer Black Shirts.


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