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Graphtec software and lack of support

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I have a similar issue that some others have noted here so I thought I would share my tale. I am not a happy camper with Graphtec right now.

I bought a ce5000 cutter and the i-designR Pro software a couple years ago at the trade show in Las Vegas.

I designed my job in the i-design pro software and it crashed, removed it and tried re-installing and it won't re-install. I gavr up after trying every think I could think of to get the software to re-load, no auto run no nothing. I tried also using the doggle thinking maybe something in security was preventing the load. Nope.

I then decided to use the Corel 5 software I have loaded. I go to Graphtec's website and tried downloading the Cutting Master 2, it loaded but would never download too. Now thinking the problem is me or a hex of some kind. So I tried several more times to download it again. No luck, the newest message I get said it couldn't open up Corel Draw. Yet then Corel Draw pops open while trying to dpownload the Cut Master. So it never downloaded. I then tried Cut Master 3 rather than 2. Same story.

When I have tried contacting Graphtec in the past, the guys in tech service use broken English and I found it near impossible to deal with them. The company spiel goes like this---"we expect our customers to be familiar with computers and operating systems and software and therefore are not prepared to babysit you with problems." Not customer friendly at all.

And now after reading some remarks in this forum, it appears both their software are pieces of crap with bugs! Oh, but forget about getting any help. A real circle jerk. On top of all of this, when I called Transfer Warehouse and offered to pay someone there to help me work through this mess, the guy there says they are not prepared to do so as they are tied up in answering calls and taking orders. Another Catch 22.

The supply company sells you the cutter with no support, the cutter manufacturer has no support, and the software for the machine is garbage with bugs. Anybody want to try to help me with this nightmare or am I stuck with an expensive boat anchor.?
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I'm sure you're talking Corel Draw X5 and not 5, also is this the full retail version not the student/teacher version. Cutting Master will not work with those version, no add-ons will. As for their tech support I had to use them 3 times and I can tell you they solved my problems within minutes, but it was always with the cutter, not the software, I don't use their software but I know it doesn't work with student/teacher editions.
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