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I have just bought a Graphtec CE7000-60 after being with Roland for several years. I would have got a Roland but mine packed up and I needed a new one and there were no Roland's available for a month or so and I needed one now!
Anyway my issue is the rip software that came free with the Roland was great, however the software that come with the Graphtec is design studio pro, and I already create my cutline in Corel.
I just need something that I can upload 1 file and say I want x20 fo these and it places them for me... design studio pro lets me place them individually and it is soooo time consuming... can anyone help point me in the right direction please?
(thinking of returning my Graphtec and just waiting for a Roland, grrrrr)
Thanks in advance for anyone's help!!!
Regards, Craig
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