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Graphtec CE6000

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Hi everyone! I'm interested in purchasing Graphtec CE6000 and noticed on USCutter.com that they have CE6000 and CE6000 Plus series. I was trying to find any information about technical parameters of these models and couldn't find anything..Maybe somebody knows what is the difference other than over 300$ in price? I would really appreciate any help!
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Well this is just off a quick search...

The CE6000 Series are:
ce6000-40 (15" max cut)
ce6000-60 (24" max cut)
ce6000-120 (48" max cut)

The CE6000 plus series are:
40 plus (19" max cut)
60 plus (28" max cut)
120 plus (52" max cut)

Think everything else is about the same.
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Here's what the tech at Graphtec emailed me:

The main differences are:
- cutting force is now 450g from 300g
- Cutting Master 4 plug in software for Mac and PC
- Graphtec Pro Studio software
- a new tool or accessory which is a loop that helps you see/set your blade length.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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