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Graphtec CE5000-60 not cutting precisely???

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Hello everyone,
I have been having all sorts of problems cutting accurately with my CE-5000-60. Whenever I cut anything, I always have "hangnails" which cause my vinyl to get "stuck" when I am weeding any design.

I have tried changing the offset and I have tried using different blades, but I can never get anything to cut "perfectly". Essentially, where the cut begins, it doesn't end at the same point. It is off just a hair.

Any help or tips would be greatly appreciated. It's making weeding very difficult and the final product is not of professional quality.


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Do you see 09U on your display?
And 0 for offset?

What software you using?
Yes, The condition I have the cutter at is 09U and the offset is set at 0. I currently have a 45 degree blade installed.

I have actually gone into the Graphtec through the menu and completed a cut demo, which prints the word Graphtec. The 90 degree corners on the letters are never perfect and when I weed, it still catches.

I have also tried going through each of the offsets, 0 through -5 and 0 through + 5. I never get a perfect test with the triangle in the square.

I cut calendered vinyl and Siser shirt vinyl regularly, and have this hangnail issue with both types of media.

I am designing in CS3 and am cutting using the Cutting Master plugin.
I would contact Grabhtec tech support. Did the cutter ever cut right or is this a new cutter. If it's new, it could be in the cutter itself and no settings are going to help you. I have the same cutter and had to send my first one back because it was twisted somehow in shipping and would not track the vinyl evenly.
Now that I think of it, it has always done this. I have never successfully been able to get rid of the hangnail issue.

For a long time, I was only using the cutter for various little jobs for myself-practicing with it, etc. Now I'm actually doing larger runs of vinyl for customers and it's becoming a headache. I will try graphtec today.

*I have also tried tangential mode in the settings, but to no avail. Essentially the same problem.
It sounds like you may have done this, but the default offset force is 4 and can be increased if the start and end points of the cut don’t match up.
Mine was delivered this week and I have never used a cutter before. I wasn't expecting it to be so big. I had a job to do which was cutting 1/2" letters out on sign vinyl to apply to water bottles. After 3 hours of wasting material trying to get it to cut properly (I was having hangnails too) I adjusted the depth of the blade and eventually found a depth that cut without the little snags. OMG shoot me if I ever offer to put 1/2" names on something again... It took 1 1/2 hours to weed 28 names!


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OMG shoot me if I ever offer to put 1/2" names on something again... It took 1 1/2 hours to weed 28 names!
There are always those jobs that make you crazy. I have a list of "done that, not going to do it again jobs". Most are embroidery but some are vinyl.
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I did this sail boat for the America's Cup. The boat is only about 4" high. Talk about weeding !


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I did this sail boat for the America's Cup. The boat is only about 4" high. Talk about weeding !
I think I would've ended up in a rubber room for that one. Hopefully you only had to make one of them. That would have driven me nuts. I don't feel so bad now. Thanks for sharing that weeding nightmare with me.
I ended up doing around 30 shirts with 2 boats on each shirt. (see my avatar) It was for a consignment job. Other than loosing a little eyesight, not too bad. I don't recommend this for people with shaky hands. lol
i am having the same problems. I havent even gone beyond "test" cut at this point because i cant get even get a decent triangle. They look like this every time, no matter the offset. I have tried adjusting the force, speed, and every slight fraction of distance of the blade sticking out of the holder. Rotating the blade ever so slightly, different vinyls. always the same crappy triangle. This is a brand new machine purchased from Coastal Business Supply weeks ago.

any ideas?


The other day I noticed the same thing on mine. Mainly when I do lettering. I did a prototype for a buddy of mine and EVERY letter had that little gap. Easy enough to yank and break but not ideal by any means.

Honestly, my experience with the cutter has been rather frustrating because there is ALWAYS something kooky.
did you check the condition, tool & quality settings? Never had that on mine.
update: though "test" cuts never yielded decent results, a simple cut of a few words produced rather acceptable results.....except....

the cut starts out great, working its way from the last word to the first (right to left as always) and about half way through the cut depth starts to decrease, being more and more shallow until the vinyl is not being cut at all (but the cutting head continues to "ghost cut".

has anyone heard of such a problem? I sent graphtec an email but something tells me not to expect much...
I've NEVER seen that... man I would be pissed.

I will check my condition and such next time I'm at the shop.
It sounds like your top and bottom rails are not lined up. If this is a new cutter, they should replace it. I have heard of others having this problem. It usualy because something happened in the shipping. If it is new, you have a 2 year warantee.
Oh man I would hate to have to send it back and wait for another. Do you think Graphtec or Coastal Business Supply(where I bought it) would be the ones to contact?
You can try that. I'm not sure if they can help you. Call Graphtec tech support and they may be able to run you through some tests.
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