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Graphics card

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Hey guys been noticing my PC is start to lack for my needs. I don't play games on it and it only runs my business which it tshirts, signage and stickers. So I do everything from one of simple cut vinyl shirts to large store front window prints.

Currently my desktop is a i7 860 2.8 clocked to 3.3 16 gigs of ram on a p7p55d board with a ati Radeon hd 5850 video card.

I am maxing out my ram when doing larger graphics work and te computer has crashed a couple of times runnig windows 7 64bit

Lookin at upgrades some are suggesting nVidia quandro cards I do run duel 27inch monitors.

Anyone have suggestions?

Just looking to make it stable and perform, with out breaking the bank.

More ram means new board, CPU is a quad core not sure if going to a 6 core would make that much difference: and some day my "gaming gpu" is not helping matters that gojng to a workstation graphics card is a must.

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No computer pros want to weigh in?
More likely the issue is the processing of the the graphics file, not the display of it. Displaying a static image in an editor is an unchallenging task compared to even a simple game since time is not a factor.

I have an i7 2600K and use the built-in, on-chip Intel graphics engine to display to a 30" monitor at 2560 x 1600. I have 8GB RAM and run Win 7 64. I've never had a crash or ran out of memory. I've worked with multiple 240mb files in PhotoShop (5400 dpi film scans).

How large are your files? What software are you running when things crash? Does the system ever crash when not working on large files?

EDIT: Oh, I see it says CorelDraw. CorelDraw X6 64 is my vector graphics program. I've not had any problems with it.
PhotoShop can sometimes offload some of the work onto the GPU if it supports that specific card.

What sort of files are you typically working with? What width/height/dpi?

I only seem to run into problems when I decide to get really destructive and do like 4 ftx8ft posters/signs at 150-300 dpi even though I can probably skate by with 72 or going a smaller size/higher dpi.
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