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Graphic Designer | Digital Illustrator seeking advice on an economical way to start a ((Print to Garment Business))

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Greetings T-Shirt Forum

:D My name is Sesh Nuomni and I am apparently new to T-Shirt forum. I am a graphic designer/illustrator. Ive recently been brushing up my design skills, and due to the feedback and responses that ive revcieved from memebers of various social sites where I've posted my work, it has inspired me to take the inniative to register a name brand for my works. SKNS-EXCHANGE is the branding in which i plan to create and market my artwork on t-shirts. I would gladly appreciate any professional advice specifically pertainning to getting started as a small business that specializes in creating original designs on garments.

Thanks in advance
Sesh Nuomni
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Welcome and good luck.
I have met many very talented designers who think a natural exstension of their skills is to try t-shirt design as well as t-shirt printing. Both are two very diffeent skill sets.

Firstly I say go for it. But do it in a staged approach because the market might shock you. What people want and what you design are not necessarily the same.

I would intially start by outsourcing the print process. Find a company that offers a forfullment service, get a great blank t-shirt, then sell sell sell.
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Thanks, Mabuzi

I fully comprehend the difference in t-shirt design as well as t-shirt printing.. and im definitely going full-throttle, yet im not gonna put all my eggs in the basket too soon.. (gonna keep the day job) :). my first step has been the development of a following for my art work.. which is growing.. following that, i've met with a business lawyer for advice and got my branding name registered... As far as designing what people want: my approach is not only that but to create something new that becomes somewhat of a demand. ((POP ART)) :)

Not quite sure about what you meant by get a nice Blank t-shirt and sale it... lol
You could have the greatest design but the t-shirt you chose to print on my not be in line with your market. Fitted fashion tees ay like AA or a more basic fit like AAA.

Whatever you do use ringspun cotton with a fine weave. Printing just looks so much better
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