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gradient separation

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Hey guys, i need to learn how to convert a 2 color gradient to halftones for screen print. My biggest issue is when i use the color range tool to pick the colors, and the slider, i am not grabbing enough color and the gradient has an open space between the two colors in which the colors arent blending. Is there an easier way? Say a font that is gradient with 2 colors, how to you get them to blend from one to the other as far as halftoning them for screen print? You can contact me at chris[USER=102900]@sport[/USER]ztees.com if you are able to help!!
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When I do gradients that blend together, I like to use an index separation. It's incredibly easy to do, if you just search around for it I'm sure you can find a video or at least step by step instructions.

But here's the gist.

Make sure your image is sized correctly and in RGB mode. Also is at 185 resolution.

Go to Image-mode-index, Then in the "palette" option box choose custom,

"Matte" should be, "none"
"dither" should be, "diffusion"
"amount" is "100%"
and make sure preserve exact colors is checked.

Click ok

A new window will pop up. Start at the top left corner and select all the little boxes. Choose white as the color for all of these.(this is just to clear out everything to start.

Then click on the top left box and select the first color you want to use. (just click on your image where the color you want is solid)

Then do the same thing for your second color, and so on depending on how many colors you are printing.

Click ok.

Your image will look a little goofy but don't worry.

Now change your mode back to RGB.

You can now separate out your two(or however many colors) using your magic wand or color range.

I hope this helps.
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