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Got some proof shirts today both good and bad

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Well I ordered a few of my own shirts and received them today. I personally went with dark shirts and my fiance got some light sweat shirts. The light shirts were great with good color and clarity. She is wearing them at work right now and lots of people are interested so hopefully it will generate some sales.

On the other hand the dark shirts that I got were less than acceptable. First off they are two different types of shirt. One was a Hanes tagless that is nice and thick, but the other is a Gildan Heavy Cotton that is thin and weak. As for the printing on the dark goes it was also lacking. Both of the shirts had white splatter all over them and one of them had a large splotch that was no where near the design. The print on the Hanes shirt was very vibrant though. The Gildan shirt was poor and the color of the shirt was showing through the white and even the red print.

I'm not sure how I feel quite yet about this situation, but until I can get back in the states and get my own printer and blank stock I don't have much choice. Just thought I would put this out there for others and see if they have had the same type of experience.
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CafePress is a huge company. They try to apply mass production processes to one-off orders. While they do end up doing this efficiently, quality is definitely lost. CafePress does not screen print! If you want high quality results, find a fulfillment house that will do this for you (good luck!).
Can you post some pictures of the prints you received? It's hard to comment without seeing what actually was printed.

Keep in mind that CafePress has a great return policy. While they do quality check all the prints that go out, mistakes will slip through at times, so if you aren't happy with your order, you should contact them right away to get it replaced.

Sometimes the problem might be with the print, sometimes the problem might be with the original artwork, but CafePress is the one that can help you sort it out and get things right.
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