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Got hot shirt!!! Need help with expansion to other states

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i have a super amazing shirt!!! it has a buzz whereever it is seen..right now i have got it all over my home state of washington, but i have outta state connections, that wanna help with getting it out in their state....how can i make this a success!!! im really curious on the shipping to their locations, and also with giving them a % for their part in selling it!!! right now shirts cost me 3.50 for white shirts, and 6.00 for black!!!

the people in other states will at least want 25,50,100 shirts!!!

any help will be gladly appriciated!!!!
i just want to be a smoothe business with everyone
thanks again!!
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weigh one shirt x 25 to get weight and then ask UPS what the cost would be to a zip code in NY...that would be about the most expensive... then since your cost is$3.50/$6 why not charge 12/15 let them sell 20/25 and both be happy?

What do the shirts sell at retail? Your wholesale price (what you charge to resellers) should be roughly double your cost and half your retail.

So if your shirt costs $6 to make (including printing, labels, etc), you should charge $12 wholesale and the retail price would be around $24.
Hi Terrell, your question has already had answers in the 2 other threads you've posted on the topic.

Please try to keep all the follow up questions in one place so that members can see the help that's already been posted and get the full picture.

You've already had some great answers to your question, so if there is something you need clarified, please post in the existing threads.

When you open new threads for the same question, it makes it more confusing and the answers that are given are all scattered out.

I'll close out this thread so you can read the answers that have been posted in your other threads and see if you have any followup questions:


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