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Re: business name

It's very difficult and you'll find that a lot of them are already taken and there are web domains already using the name you think of. A lot of the domains are hijacked and dormant waiting for someone to buy them. (I personally wouldn’t entertain this.)

One way is to to take two unrelated words and link them together so you end up with Red Dog, or Silver Print or Speed Print or whatever. Also get all your ideas into Microsoft Word and right click each word to get it to search for synonyms to expand your choices – so for ‘fast’ you get ‘quick’ ‘speedy’ ‘rapid’ ‘swift’ ‘express’ ‘hasty’ ‘high speed’ ‘prompt’. So you now have a choice of ‘Fastprint’, ‘Quikprint’, ‘Speedprint’ ‘Rapid Print’, ‘Swiftprint’ ‘Express Print’ etc. Then when you eventually get one, type it into Google and add .com (and your local, e.g. .co.uk) and see who is using it.

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Just noticed your name is Luke on my way out of the thread. I always think of Luke Skywalker, then of course, goes to Darth Vader (Luke I am your father), Death Star... me? I'd end up somewhere like that, looking to see if Star Printing was available.

It's short, easy, and when your customers get to know you by your first name and you relay a story like that about Star Wars, they'll easily relate your name Luke to ur business name Star (strong cultural association) and that will be good for you. :)

You won't be the supplier they can't remember the company name... they'll ask each other... "What is Luke's company name? ohhh wait, yeah, Star, Star Wars, Luke Skywalker..." ... I think they'll get it when it's time for a reorder... even if they lost your biz card under a mound of papers...

Best wishes again...
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