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Got ahold of a used Viper

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Got a used DTG Viper that has been sitting with ink in it for a number of years. I'm wondering the best way to clean this thing up to try to get it running.

Everything seems to work, pumps, etc. I got all the error's to clear and can navigate thru the menu.

Also what is the best ink to use on this bulk ink setup? I seen that dtginks were quite a bit cheaper than the DTG brand.

Any help would be appreciated,
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Hi Mate,

I would guess along the lines of needing a new printhead, carriage assembly, ink lines, dampers and possibly even ribbon cables etc depending upon the condition of them.

Dupont Inks are the best for DTG

I am no expert so the above is just my opinion]
I agree with Steve regarding most of the cleaning steps and ink. The one thing I will add is call the DTG Digital distributor for your area / country and see if there is a tech close to you that can come out to do the work. Unless you are very familiar with the printer already, you are going to find it pretty challenging to get it up and running on your own - especially if ink was left in the printer. Then while the tech is out there, see if you can get the tech to train you on the proper ways to use and maintain the printer so you don't do anything that could damage the printer.

Best wishes with your new printer,

I will call Mesa, I think that is where the original owners bought the machine from. Hopefully a tech can come out and get it working. The printer has been torn into before, a lot of screws missing etc. They did find the software though, so that's a plus.

I don't have any money in it right now, and will not buy it until I get it going. Will be able to get it for a good price, as long as what I have is usable and can get running again.
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