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Good Vectorizing Company

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I need an image vectorization fixed or a new vectorization done to fix a problem that I am having with an image I had done by someone. (Do not want to name the company) I use Illustrator to work with the images and Roland Versaworks to print and cut the images after being printed.

Now I believe the problem that I am have is with the way the image was hand drawn, and with the overlapping if shapes used to create the vector. Every thing was done on one layer witch I think is OK, but the lines of the shapes are being picked up by the printing software. At least that is what I think is happening.

Now I can send the files and the images of what is happening that I need fixed.
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Artwork source is great. Their ads are all over this site
If you would like to send me the file I will take a look at it and see if I can fix your problem.
If the images itself is ok and you have illustrator all you have to do is go object > flatten transparency, then select the whole image and make it black, and then go to the widows drop down and select the pathfinder tool bar and find the one that says merge and that should fix your problem. You'll want to flatten the image again before cutting, but all overlapping object should be gone now.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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