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Good start-up business/marketing books?

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Someone asked something similar to this inside of another topic/thread, so I thought I'd just ask in a new thread.

What is a really simple, clear book that deals well with the little legal things with regards to starting a VERY small home business, such as a small T-shirt company, which would consist of one or two people tops? Questions such as:

*How to become a business
*Business plan planning
*General stuff to know with regards to taxes/accounting
*Pehaps some stuff about copyright and trademark
*Dealing with seperate business bank accounts.
*Maybe some stuff with regards to advertising.

Just basic stuff like that...a really simple book. I've seen a TON of books similar to this, but they all seem focused on really growing the business bigger and bigger...more corporate stuff. I'm thinking of smaller things, specifically about selling things printed with my artwork and/or captions, and perhaps licensing such things as well.

Any good ideas?
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How to Print T-Shirts for Fun and Profit is a good starter book that covers a lot of aspects of the t-shirt business. Also available at some libraries.

I don't know if you'll find ONE book that covers all those topics, but you may be able to get them covered in a couple of books.

"I Made That" at personalizedsupplies.com was also recommended as a good starter book.
I think internet resources like a local business guide might help you. Depends what country you live in. I'd check online for small business support websites in your country. Good luck anyways.

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