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Good sites to get quality backlinks?

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I launched my site about a month ago, and I am still not listed/ranked in Google/Yahoo/Bing. Now I'm doing some focused SEO "stuff" like checking sitemaps, H1 tags etc etc.

I bought Market Samurai and I'm looking at how some of the bigger competitors stack up, and they have massive numbers of backlinks. I have read that nowadays quality are more important than quality, but I have pretty much neither.

In reading through the FAQs/stickies, there are references to some t shirt listing sites/forums that are indexed by the search engines but most appear to no longer be updated. Google has not been much help, and I didn't run across anything on Facebook for my niche that wasn't basically a shill site for one of the "big guys".

Can you guys kindly recommend a few sites where I can make meaningful contributions and get some decent backlinks? Thanks a bunch!
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If you try to rush it, you will get penalized.

Ask your real customers to give you a review on their blogs or websites. Over time, you'll build quality back links organically.
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1.You can try to update your products on the website like Manufacturers, Suppliers, Exporters & Importers from the world's largest online B2B marketplace-Alibaba.com. You'll have a great business.
2.You can try to make your products a better description on ur website.

Do you think so?
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