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Good Morning

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Hi everyone. My son and I are looking into starting a small niche related t-shirt printing biz. We're major newbies and currently in the "researching the heck out things" stage.

No biz name yet, but we have a list of options we're looking at. He's a bit young, 16, but we've got some fun ideas to go for.

Seems like we both really like the idea of Plastisol transfers for photo type shirts (I hope I have that right); along with making our own screens for the easier designs. We'll have to find suppliers for affordable printed (photo) transfers, along with decent price t-shirts that are NOT all cotton.

Then of course the supplies needed, once we decide which direction we're going to start out at, and then build from there.

Then there is the marketing :confused:

Sure is a lot going on in this area. A lot to learn, many, many decisions that need to be made, and so on. The only thing we seem to have narrowed down is our niche.

I hope to learn a lot hear, without shutting down from information overload :eek:
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