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bryan said:
What's the best ink for printing on dark/black 100% cotton shirts?
and do you have to heat the print after it dries?

We use Union, Rutland and International Coatings. All work well on 100% cotton dark fabric tees . The Second part of your question sounds like you are asking about flash drying.. If you want a really opaque print you need to throw the first layer down "flash it" and then throw a second layer down. If there are other colors going on top of the white base print it will need to be flashed again before you apply those colors. The key to longevity here is making sure your print is 320 degrees at the t-shirt level at the end of your dryer. If not, no fusion and your design will start to peel after the first wash. If you don't have a laser heat temp. gun you can throw some temp strips on the "inside" of the garment to make sure you are getting the right temperature. Happy Printing :)
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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