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I just joined and was prompted to introduce myself.

My Name is Don Ford, I live in Mineral Wells Texas, I'm almost 66 years old (retired), been married to the same honey for 46 years. Have one married daughter, 1 married son, 4 grandsons, 1 grand-daughter and one great grandson.

I do my own in house screen printed transfers but my main item is digital inkjet transfers. I have done almost 10,300 digital transfers. Probably 95% of my work is local and aimed at detail shops, service stations, cafes, missionary groups, small churches, individual school class rooms, etc.

I have a very good repore (sp?) with the local screen printer. I send any large direct screen print jobs to him and he sends the digital work to me. In fact, he does one group using digital transfers and I do them for him. We work great together.

I like the way the forum is set up and I especially like the guidelines. Very precise and fair. I hope in some way I will be able to help and also learn. Thank you and have a BLESSED evening.
God Bless You
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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