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Hi People,

I'm hoping you can help and I can learn and become part of this community.

For the best part of this year I have been toying with the idea of starting a clothing brand and as the year has progressed its getting more serious.

So I'm looking for some advice, information and anything else I may need to know.

Over the winter period I plan to design and create a website, start a small run of designs and look into a business plan and figure out when this idea switches from hobby to a business. All very straight forward when it gets put into one small sentence like that, although I am very aware its going to be a lot harder.

I'm looking into producing a range of t-shirts which will follow a large photograph theme, this probably by DTG printing, although can someone give me some more information on this, pros and cons, longevity, quality etc.

I'm currently creating a list of photographers to approach with the idea of using their work, any advice here would be great, how to use photos in a commercial field etc.

To start with a short run of maybe 6 designed t-shirts, If this proves to be somewhat successful I'd then look into growing the range.

Any sales business advice would also be fantastic

This is currently where I'm at and now I need some professional help to bring it all together.
Hopefully where you all come in...

Thanks for your time, good luck in all of your projects.
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