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hi I'am a newbie here. i hope i am welcome. i'm from Philippines.
I am basically hoping for some help with our newly buy cuyi plotter cutter. we don't know how to use it. and we ask someone and said it need some software to be able to use it.

we bought it 2nd hand from other. unfortunately user manual is not included. so im really hoping for help here. thank you.

could you recommend some application i can download so that we may be able to use the cutter or otherwise if its not free. i would like to know where can I buy that said software here in the philippines. but i've been reading some article online. they we're able to use other application to run the cutter.

thank you very much.
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Nope. We don't allow Filipinos on here.

Okay, maybe if you're from Makati. Ohhhhhhhhhh, I guess we can also include Cebu. Maybe QC. Perhaps Cavite.

Alright, I give up! Yes, we allow Filipinos here. In fact, if you click here you will find our "region specific" section with lots of content from The Philippines and lots of people talking in Tagalog.

Mabuhay! Sorry for my sense of humor.:D
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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