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We are closing our imprint business and selling everything in our warehouse. I've tried posting on craigslist, but no response so far, I thought I'd try it here to see if any of your out there can use this second hand equipment. In this package you will get everything you need to imprint your own multi-color T-shirts.

6 arm cast iron spinner allows you to align up to 6 screens of color on a t-shirt, print up to 6 t-shirts at once.

Exposure unit table to burn your artwork onto your screens: uses florescent tubes and has built in air suction (for precise registration) and timer shut off.

Large industrial heating unit with conveyor belt and hot air exhaust pipe.

Included for free:

3 flash heating units
several screens and squeegees
remaining paints and emulsions
high pressure washer

Equipment has been disassembled and is ready for loading onto a u-haul or truck. Buyer must arrange pick up from our warehouse in Whittier, CA. Asking price $4000 but price is negotiable. Items sold as is.

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Hi Henry,

just wanted to let you know that I have moved this post out of the forums as we do not allow sales of items at t-shirt forums. We do have a classified section but you must have 15 posts to post an add there. If you have any questions please please feel free to ask.

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