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Go to Supplier for T-Shirts

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Who is your go to Supplier for T-Shirts?
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First, what are your local options? I get most things from a local supplier so I can place a same day order and just drive over an pick it up--no shipping cost, no delay.

Second, what brands are you looking for? Each distributor carries a different mix of brands, some also have their own House brand that you can get no where else.

Third, no one has the best price on everything. So you may find yourself buying brand-A from one supplier and brand-Z from a different one.

All that said, for Next Level Apparel, I like S&S and Thinc Actionwear. S&S is also good for Hanes and International Trading Co. Alpha Broder generally does not have the best prices, but their free shipping kicks in at $150 (most start at $200) and for smaller orders there is the option to use Flex shipping (for $4.99 the package is delivered to your local FedEx store and you go pick it up from there; note, you must have a credit card setup with the account for the Flex shipping option to appear at checkout).
Thank you so much for your time. I greatly appreciate it!

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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