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Hey all,

Using a Pearl PTM
Hottronix auto clamp
Freejet 330

When we first got the machine we were using the parchment paper that came with the machine. Then I found that STAHLS had a silicone pad that I could reuse over and over, so I bought two.

After hitting black shirts with a setting of 50 on the PTM we then throw it in the heat press with the silicone pad to flatten and dry.

The shirts have been coming out with a bit of a glossy film on them or you can see the back collar has a film on it.

Thoughts and ideas?

Using a pressure of 6 on the heat press.


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If the parchment paper works, then call STAHLS. Their customer service is pretty good.

How many shirts do you want to ruin to save a few bucks?
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