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Hello guys, gals....
I am wanting to branch out into the world of awesome lil t-shirts for my girls label.

long story short ... but I have a childhood memory ( ahrm from the 70's) of my mum wearing an amazing glitter t-shirt.
It was a dripping paintbrush illustrating a rainbow, and it was totally glitter in all colours. This shirt was in our lives for years & never cracked, but it did loose all colour & fade out to silver .

After a quick google here is the kind of transfer.... http://www.clutchtees.com/popup_image.php?type=D&id=16350&title=&page=2

So now my questions.... what is this transfer?

Who do I contact about getting a small run of these done? pref in AUS.

Thank you! :)
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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