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Glitter Vinyl Destroying Sweatshirts

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We have been doing glitter flake vinyl for two years now and never had any issues. Around November, we started having customers complain that the fleece was pilling really bad and they had fuzz balls all over. It has gotten so bad that we have suspended use of it on fleece materials until we figure out what is going on. We have sent in sweatshirts into Sanmar to see if it is the sweatshirts themselves, but I suspect the glitter flake has become more coarse causing this issue. I have heard several people have this issue so it is not isolated to us. Anybody out there dealing with it?
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Not me. I use glitter flake from Coastal Business Supplies
I hope it stays that way for you. A lot of customers never said anything until we asked them after having a few bring it up to us. They say they don't want to be a hassle:)
Uh oh....definetly about to look deeper into it...recenty my gold glitter i order had a different "gold" color than normal. I actually have 3 orders for hoodies with glitter. I Will let u know how it goes
@imhotep9 If this is gold Glitter Flake you purchased from us, definitely keep us in the loop too. We haven't heard of this issue, but if you experience any negative results from the roll you have, we want to know about it so we can try to resolve the situation.
Yes, it's happening to me. I use Siser Glitterflex ultra. Coastal is your glitter as brilliant as Siser?
Yes, absolutely. We also offer swatchbooks if you want to compare the colors or texture.
Do I have to pay the 9.95 shipping for the swatch?
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