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Glad to share info and advice

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We are happy to be a part of the beauty that is information sharing. Over 20 years in the screen printing industry, creating graphics before computers were even an expensive option. We are here to offer/recieve advice and info from the members and hopefully create some mutually profitable relationships along the way. Feel free to view our design gallery at www.myspace.com/garryroneartist and let us know what you think of our work. Clipart and stock photos are very rarely used and most designs are completely custom designed, incorporating hand drawn/inked elements.

Looking forward to hearing from some members with comments or questions.

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First of all :welcome:

Second of all your designs in that myspace gallery are really great. Just by having almost everything hand drawn makes a huge difference thats makes them really stand out from most of the stuff that's being put out nowadays.

Going by these designs and the names/dates on some of them I'm guessing you're located somewhere in the MS,TN, AR triangle?

If so, we're located in NE MS so we're not too far apart :)
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