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Do you have Support with Netfirms?

My hosting company has an online manual. If your does look up, how to create a sub-directory.
Usually you have a GUI (Graphical User Interface) that lets you see whats going on.

Where ever your Index file sits, that's probably your root directory. So create a new directory using MD (make directory in Unix/Linux).

Your Word Press example shows /example.com/Wordpress. They actually show it as a Fully Qualified Domain Name (http://example.com/wordpress). The /example I show is a directory then the /wordpress is the sub-directory of the example.com.

Hope this helps a little.

If you give me access to your domain I can create it for you.

The safes thing to do is contact your technical support. Also check to see if you have online support via a help ticket.

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hi nicholas,

does netfirm give you ftp access?

that was the easiest way for me to accomplish what you are trying to do.
i use the ftp client called filezilla, a free shareware product.

get you password and username from netfirm and configure the filezilla.

making directories and copy files is very easy.

good luck!
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