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Giving the stock transfer designs companies one more try

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Over the years I've posted about how I've often had bad luck buying stock transfer designs from basically ANY large transfer design company. I've found that 50% or more of the time the transfers are dried out and don't work.

Yes I've done the whole "did you use the right temp, pressure, time, lucky rabbits foot and proper prayers" bull. I've always had fairly new, good working presses. I now have a Fusion.

At the same time all these years I've had bad luck with these, I also have bought fresh bike week designs from a small no name company. Every single transfer has come out perfect, peeled off like hot butter. So no, it's not me, it's them. :D

Anyways I still love the great designs many of these companies carry, and because I sell unique colored denim biker shirts for the designs I have basically no competition.

I recently stopped by a booth the folks at The Wild Side had and was impressed at the hands on results there with their transfers. (Yes this is one of the companies I've had trouble with).

I also got a sample pack from them in the mail and each one peeled very well, great in fact. SOOOOOOO, I am going to once again give them ONE more try and will purchase several biker style designs from them soon.

If they work well I will update this thread and praise them. If not I will come back and say they still suck. I sometimes wonder if, because biker designs are not as popular as others, they sit longer, dry out more and thus have more problems with them.

However even if that is true nobody should be selling defective items. I'll update this once I get my new transfers and tell you all how they came out. :)
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Bill. We've been selling stock transfers for over 40 years and distribute for virtually every manufacturer. With very few exceptions the quality has always been excellent. Not sure why you had the problems that you mentioned. We're always here to help whether you purchase from us or not.
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