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Bula from Fiji.
You know we are really are only a tiny speck in the ocean and there are not many people out there to help. So I thought I'd send a real "High Five" out to Ross at Inkjetcarts for helping me when no one knew what was going on.
My new (6 months old) Epson C90 decided that it's pad was full and so it stopped. Completely.
Well that printer does all my positives and promo printing. What to do?
Just a quick email to Ross and there is a correct answer....and one I can trust. I discovered that Epson sets a print number and then the pad is full. Of course there is a reset but trying to download of the internet is not only dangerous but did not work.
Ross had the answer and it was too cheap.
So, from a little speck in the ocean.....thanks.
Sean Cody
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