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Hi, I have a real quick question regarding which of two shirts to buy. I am buying a few of these to and giving them to a local company to screen print for me. The shirts will be green and the lettering will be white.

I've narrowed my order down to two shirts:

  • Gildan Adult Ultra Cotton (G200)
  • Hanes Authentic Tagless ComfortSoft (5250T)

Both shirts are 100% cotton and have 6.1oz weight. I really can't see any real difference besides the lack of a tag on the Hanes. The tag isn't important one way or another: I'd rather get the shirt that will work better with the printing and will hold up without fading the best.

I'd like to hear from those with experience on which they'd recommend. Thanks in advance!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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