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ok i know there are a lot of write up on this subject but there all unclear, I'm just confuse. i know it lets u print out halftones and thats what i need. i have a mac g5 with cs3 and macbook pro with cs5. i've installed ghostview i believe. but when i went to photoshop to print i don't see it in the add printer. ghostscript have more files to downlaod i don't think i would know where to begin to do the install with that. i wish there are videos for this but theres not. hope someone can point me to the right direction oh and i have an epson 1400 if that helps. and thanks for all the knowledge thats has been drop in this forum.
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can someone just post link or something?
Can not help with Mac. Windows it's just an installer. It's been years since I had it installed and I used that tutorial
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