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Ghosting - Problematic?

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Is ghosting actually a problem? I say this as I use to use to use haze remover to get rid, but now thinking if there is a need for this and whether reclaiming will work just as fine?

Those with experience of this, what are your thoughts?
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i would try to remove as much of the ghost image as possible. i would use a soultion called 701 from easiway systems
i just don't like to see it... i use this environmentally friendly product called enviro-haze... it smells like bubble gum... spicy bubble gum... if that makes sense. Works well too.
So really its for cosmetic reasons?
i would think it could get confusing too, if you had an image in the screen that wasn't there anymore and you need to see clearly through it for whatever reason. I'm not sure really if there are any long term problems associated with ghosting though... Don't do it if you don't feel like it i guess. I'm just a neat freak..
I've seen problems with ghosting before, the ghosted image may actually burn through slightly in some areas as if there is another film positive. I always use dehaze.
well if you us the easiway system to reclaim your screens the degresser is also a ghost image remover. the product is called 701 screen degresser. i would recommend using that. if you can start each job with a clean screen then it just makes life easier.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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