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getting to rid of screen print to go with DTG?

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Hey everyone,

I am curious have any of you guys stopped doing screen printing altogether to only perform your services with a DTG and transfers ? How has it worked out for you?

As always thanks for your time and info.
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Seems like an odd move to kill one revenue stream to start another one. Seems like dual capabilities would best serve a shop who wanted to offer Dtg.
I agree that having the choice of screenprinting and DTG is a good idea.

There will always be jobs that suit the DTG process better (smaller runs, multi color) and there will always be jobs that suit the screen printing process better (larger runs, 1-2 colors).

Dropping one avenue of printing would hinder your ability to maximize profits.
we screenprint, DTG print, and still use our cutter for vinyls and specialty films. DTG definitely does NOT replace screenprinting.
I used to own a screen printing business. I added screen printing and oftentimes used both dtg and screen printing on the same shirt. I personally wouldn't get rid of screen printing to favor any other technology. I think they compliment each other well.
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