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one other possibility beyond clogged heads would be the pizza wheels that are found on many epson printers. these are serrated wheels much like the wheel that you would use to score a pizza.

these wheels keep downward pressure on the paper as it exits the printer but can leave dotted vertical lines on your transparencies if your ink has not dried once it reaches the wheels.

here is a tutorial for removing them: Removing the Ejection Rollers (Pizza Wheels) on Epson Printers

if the lines are horizontal, then this is 'banding' and is caused by clogged nozzeles. one of the best fixes is to move your prinmthead out of the way, soak the park pad that the head sits on with some inkjet cleaner (a good source is Ink Cartridges ~ Inkjet Refill Kits ~ Fine Art Paper ~ Pigment Inkjet Ink ~ Laser Toner ~ Bulk Feed Systems ~ CFS ~ CIS ~ Accessories : Inksupply.com), turn your printer off (so it will park the head) and leave it sit overnight. run some cleaning cycles the next day. don't run more than 3-4 cleanings every few hours else you risk frying your nozzles.
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