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Getting streaks when printing magenta

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Hello, I am new to the forum and I am needing some help with my new Raptor K3 that I bought from MESA in Fort Worth. I have had it only 3 weeks. It leaves lines when I print with magenta on white shirts. It seems to only happen with the one color. I have done countless head cleanings and it doesn't seem to help. Any advise?
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Mike, this is classic banding. First of all I would check to make sure your humidity is high enough. Too low RH for your environment will cause this and cause it to keep happening. In my case I keep the RH above 40%. Some people at higher elevations need to keep it higher. Next, I would make sure that the capping area and wiper are clean and free of dried ink. The capping area needs to be clean in order to seal against the head. The wiper can build up rubbery goo that will keep it from properly wiping the head durring the head clean cycle. Always do a nozzle check before printing and understand what a "good one" looks like. It's very simple, fast and a great tool. If the above is taken care of, a regular head clean will usually get all the nozzles firing (see the nozzle check). Since you've had your printer a short time (I'm assuming it's a new machine) you probably do not have major settling in the dampers or clogged filters. It's most likely just on the surface of the head. A wet swab (very gentle press) of the head face will probably get you back to a good nozzle check.

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Welcome to the forum!

My experience has been that lines of color (not blank lines in a color) are caused by ink flowing through the print head and forming a drop on the print head face.

If your ink supply has a build up of pressure for some reason (vent hole plugged or supply elevated too high) it can cause this problem.

It builds until it almost drips, then the drop drags across the surface of the shirt.

If you can locate yourself to have a vantage point where you can watch or see the surface of the print head while it prints, you may be able to see if this is the problem.
Banding from plugged nozzles usually has the symptom of "blank" lines across blocks of solid colors in your graphic.

Hope this helps.
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Hi Mike,
after the streaks, have you done a nozzle check to see if you are missing any nozzles in magenta?

If not, as the others posted check the humidity and temp in your work area.

Also, try running a print head alignment.
Thank you for the suggestions. I have run a nozzle check and it looks like the magenta is printing good but the lines are not lined up like the other colors. It is hard to describe, but the small line segments are a little offset from each other. (-_-__-) And I noticed some of the white is not printing. I will try some wiping the print head with cleaning solution.
I have seen small pieces of lint stuck to the leading or trailing edge of the print head, as the head scans it drags accross the image and thus creating the lines.

DTG Digital
I have seen small pieces of lint stuck to the leading or trailing edge of the print head, as the head scans it drags accross the image and thus creating the lines.

DTG Digital
good call Jerry, that's why you always want to clean your machine with lint free cloths..

we use viva paper towels which clean really well w/o leaving lint

same goes for qtips..brand name qtips..

you aren't gonna be entirely lint free considering the environment but make sure your cleaning supplies are..
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