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What do I need to get started making rhinestone decals and tshirt transfers? I have a Roland gx24 and a heat press. We hand place rhinestone at request but it's not very practical! Is there a package to get me started? Software, stones, transfer-decal material? I don't need anything to detailed just an addition to our business. Thanks
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r-wear softwear from roland,

template material(hartco425)
Untitled Document)

transfer tape
JSI Sign Systems - Sign Making and Digital Printing Equipment, Software, Supplies and Technical Support

rhinestones from shine art(go with pellosa or korean)
Welcome to Shine Art USA -

decal material(value)ppf from xpel
you can get big price break if you buy full 120 ft roll think its like 2.84 ft
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Reid, there is a post stickied to the top of the forum that tells about the different rhinestone systems. There are a ton of really good posts going on right now that will help as well.
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