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Getting Started With Graphic/Printing

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Just decided to start a Natural Hair T-Shirt business and I am trying to figure out where to start...

Have some ideas on names and design ideas of but I have never drawn before. Is there a program I can download that helps us beginners? After it is designed I then go seek out a printing company to put my design on the shirts?

I have looked through this site and can't seem to find step by step instruction on this whole process...

What I have read is:

- Get name of business/logo
- Get your trademark/copyright
- Design
- Get printer company
- Create website

I know there are steps when it comes to the money part but I am just trying to learn how to get everything started.
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Start with a business plan, know how much you are going to actually spend on equipment, inventory, advertising, website ect. WIthout a business plan, you will most likely spend a ton of cash and go out of business. Starting a business is not a "fly by the seat of your pants" operation. If blanks go up again, can you afford it in your pricing? What whole saler are you buying from? Have you set up accounts with UPS? Fed EX? are you an LLC or S corp? If you print kids designs are you Pb compliant? Are your vendors? Are your designs a bunch of inside jokes with 5 other friends or do you have a market demographic? Is it National or Regional?

What invoicing program are you using? What is your turnaround time? What trade shows are you going to hit this year and have you done all the paper work now for those shows 7 months from now?

THere is alot to consider about starting your own business. I think it's awesome there is another entrepreneur out there, however, have you done the market research to make sure you have staying power? I want people to succeed and see this is an industry that can treat you very well.
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Todd, thank you so mch for taking the time to respond. I will take all this into consideration as I start my business plan!
storenvy.com is a free website that allows you to build an online t-shirt shop. This might be a good option to see if you ideas are something others will want. Message me if you need help with artwork. I use illustrator and photoshop but I'm not sure of programs that help beginners. You might find it's easier to work with an graphics artist. If you shoot me an message with what you are looking for, I can do you some rough mock ups.
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