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Has anyone else noticed the quality of garments are suffering lately due to restocking garments? I swear maybe I'm having bad luck lately but i've had a run of previously owned and returned garments lately. I had a dozen shirts from Feather lite from S&S that had some kind of white stuff on it and they all stunk like perfume. I kid you not.
Then a little while later I got an shirt with a big rip in the back which I didn't notice until after I printed the front. (my fault for not checking).
Last week I got 3 Canvas Tees with what appears to be chocolate on them. And tonight I got a Hoodie from Pennant that has a spot on the back that looked like someone tried to remove a little white ink from and its all hazy in the one spot with a worn spot from rubbing.

Sorry to rant, but my gosh, we spend a lot of money with these companies and they keep giving us crap.:mad:
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