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I'm looking into getting some blank apparel manufactured but not exactly sure were to start. I haven't contacted any manufactures or designers yet because I don't want to come off as uninformed and get my emails ignored, lol.

I'd like to combine different attributes from a few of my favorite shirts and make my own using 100% cotton.

I'd like to make some 1 colored shirts, but I'd also like to make some with stripe and or shapes covering the entire shirt including the sleeves. My goal is to use different colored yarn to create the stripes / shapes through the weaving process (not by printing).

After my initial research, I realize I need what is referred to as a Tech Pack. Which gives the measurements for all sizes, has a cut pattern, shows example photos, details fabrics and materials needed, has sewing instructions etc.

In order to create a Tech Pack, it seems I have three options: create it myself, hire a design company or have the manufacture do it.

If I have the manufacture or a design company create the Tech Pack and handle all of the measurements, patterns, sewing instructions etc, how much should I expect to pay per style? Looking to start with a men's/unisex and possibly a ladies, youth, toddler and infant depending on price, minimums etc.

How difficult would it be to create a Tech Pack on my own? I watched a few tutorials on YouTube about how to create a pattern based off of your favorite shirt. I've made a couple tracings but not confident to use them as a base for a pattern.

In illustrator, I'm in the process of designing different stripes and shapes that will cover the entire shirt. Is illustrator a suitable file for a manufacturing company that actually weaves the pattern? Would I need to alter or convert the artwork in some way, or possibly use a different program? If the stripes and shapes are being created through the actual weaving process, is there any design limitations I should be aware of?

In Photoshop, I've been able to create product examples by overlaying the patterns I created in illustrator onto photos of blank shirts. I can manipulate how the pattern will look on the front and the sleeves while a model is wearing the shirt. However, it is just an example, and I currently don't have a way to overlay the stripes and shapes, based on the example, onto an actual cut pattern that the manufacture will use to cut the fabric. I would like a way to do that "in real time", basically as I'm manipulating it on the model it will simultaneously alter it on the cut pattern that I can then give to a manufacturer. Is that possible some way in photoshop / illustrator? Or is there some other program I should use?

I just started researching all of this so I'm not sure what's possible and what I'll be able to do on my own or what I'll have to outsource. What I'm hoping to do, is hire someone to do all of the measurements, give sewing instructions and provide me with basically a template. I would then overlay my stripes and shapes onto that template and be able to easily make cut patterns for any different striped shirt (or 1 color shirt) I'd like to get manufacture now or in the future. Hopefully that makes sense and is possible.

Any help would be appreciated. If anyone knows of any reputable companies to work with that would be helpful! Or if you know of any industry standard software I should be familiar with, that would be great. Also, if anyone knows of any books that can help with manufacturing a t-shirt (maybe even a crash course on all the fabrics / finishes / sewing options available) that would be awesome. Thanks for taking the time to read. Have a good one.
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