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Getting my first Tajima - I Need help with digitising

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Hi All,

We have purchased a Tajima SAI the new compact machine.

I will need to outsource the digitising of logos and designs to begin with, so I am looking for advice / recommendations.
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There is robert young and digidana
US - Volant Fine Art - QS
Question: How much did you pay for tajima sai
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Thanks I'll Check it out. I paid the shelf price, but got loads of extras.

Thanks I'll Check it out. I paid the shelf price, but got loads of extras.

Hello adonai, could you tell me, the Tajima sai, if you put it on a low speed, like 500 or 600 how noisy is the machine? i saw a video on youtube where you could a hear a very aggressive high pitch sound on full speed but with decent sound levels at lower speeds. Looking to get something for in a retail store with low noise.
I mostly run it at max 800 and I don't think it's too loud, I've never heard any high pitched noises coming from it while on any speed.

I have probably done a few hundred garments on it so far and its great, such an awesome bit of kit. The lowest I've run it at is 600 and it's ok at that level, but even at 800 in a retail shop you wouldn't have to shout over it, it really isn't that loud.

If you need digitisation I found David Sharp to be very good, they are expensive at £12.50 + Vat per design but ultimately their service is great.

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