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getting into the business

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Hi everyone -

First post. Want to ask a couple questions.

Say I can get good quality t shirts for between $4-6. Is that even good?

I do not have unlimited monies and was thinking about starting with a mall kiosk. I have been looking around and see all types of pricing for rent. When we calculate if it will be worth our time, it keeps coming back to how many can we expect to sell.

What is an average amount of t shirts sold say per hour. Other options for starting would be outside a sporting even or the like. I would believe anything.

I just want to get started so I appreciate the help and put some direction to this thread.

Thanks again everyone
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Q: Say I can get good quality t shirts for between $4-6. Is that even good?

A: If you are talking about blank t-shirts then that seems high.

Q: What is an average amount of t shirts sold say per hour.

A: How many depends on where, when and if what you have is what the customers want.

For the mall kiosk it sounds like you are planning on selling one shirt at a time. How do you plan on decorating them? Transfers? DTG?

Outside sporting events I would be very careful. Most leagues do not like people cutting in on their captive market for over priced sports related items.
Thanks boss for the reply, I really appreciate it.

Decorated $4-6 I actually work at promotional products company so we buy blank t's from a vendor with preferred pricing. Then we have screening and embroidery (t shirts obviously screened) in house. So put a little juice on and sell them to my brother at said $4-6.

They seem quality as we sell them to mostly companies for their promotional items. We do also sell to bars and the like who resell their own merchandise we make. So I thought of coming up with some designs and we could sell out at retail ourselves.

We were thinking about coming up with generic mostly geographic t's to sell unique to our location and have a broad appeal.

For sporting events we obviously couldnt trademark anything but say for dallas cowboys just having a Dallas t shirt would just be a basic example if you see where I am getting at.
-this is interesting because the start up cost is very low compared to even a mall kiosk.

Thanks again everyone for the input
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