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Getting an IBT

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Hello All,

This mainly directed at those folks who live in Illinois or started a business in Illinois. I recently obtained my EIN for my online business with no problems.

I'm trying to register for an IBT but I need a non-residential address...which I don't have.

I do have a P.O. Box but they won't allow me to use that.

What I need to know is, do I need the IBT for an online business? How much purpose does it really serve?
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I don't really know if you need an IBT or what one is but I would try to see if you have a friend that has a commercial property or you could use the address of an abandoned business so it just gets left at the door and you can pick it up haha just some ideas but they might not be legal
By chance do you have a tshirt business and located in Illinois? If so what process did you use?
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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