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Geo Knight Press acting cranky

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Hello all, I am looking for a little technical support for my heat press. I purchased my geo knight 16x20 last fall from Conde, and it has mostly had pretty light use. Last month I used it very heavily for about 2 days, pressing about 500 items during that time. Near the end of my work, the press started to "shudder" on lift-up. Yesterday when I pressed about 20 items, it would shudder and get a little "sticky."

From what I understand, these presses are supposed to be work horses, not needing much maintenance? Is there something I should be doing when I press so many items at once? I am doing another heavy load next month, and I want to make sure my press will be up to the challenge.

Thanks for the help!
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Geo Knights are work horses. They have incredible tech support. Just call Geo Knight directly and they will assist - Aaron is awesome and helped us at all times of day and night.
I emailed conde too, but I guess that makes sense- go to the source! Thanks.
it is the KS swing. I actually just talked to Aaron about it.
My guess would have been the bolts on the top where the handles are needed to be tightened?
Actually, in talking to Aaron, it sounds like when the press is used for a long time, the metal (around those bolts) heats up, expands and get a bit tight. Nothing to worry about, but I can loosen the bolts for a smoother ride.

Geo Knight and Conde are very helpful peeps!

There is also recommended lubrication for the sliding components / bolts. The press manual has full details.

Yes, Geo Knight has GREAT support!

1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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