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Geo Knight Jetpress 12

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I finally recieved my first heat press from Ebay, after 2 weeks of waiting... Just starting out and ordering everything online, I anticipated the arrival of my Geo Knight Jetpress 12 9x12 heatpress to start off my hobby.

After examining how new and unused this heatpress was, I realized that there is no temperature setting or pressure gauge or knob!!!
How am I supposed to heat items if those variances are not on the heat press?!

Is anyone familiar with this older geo knight hear press model?
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There's info on the geo knight website. If your model is older than the one on their site give them a call or email. They are very helpful.
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So I did email Geo Knight and got a response from Vice President, Aaron Knight... It's probably the customer service department with the VP's signature block, but it still gave me a warm fuzzy that there was such a quick response...

Basically my Jetpress 12 is preset at 375 degrees... No pressure setting...
With that being said, what items can I heat press at 375?

Items I have bought include coasters, ceramic magnets, aluminum license plates, phone cases, and plaques. These are products to test the waters on and give to family friends.

Any ideas?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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