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Geo Knight DK16 Heat Press - Feedback Please

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Dear All,

Unfortunately, before knowing about this forum I bough a Geo Knight DK16 Press. So far, I barely find threads that mention the Dk16 or the Geo Knight. Usually they are talking about electrical/fuses problem about this brand.

Did any one had good/bad experience with this brand or specially the DK16, I'll appreciate your feedback on this.


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I just talk to the vendor hofully the press was about to be ship today and they made the change for me for a "Stahls' Hotronix Mighty Press® 16" x 20" - I guess now i have made a good deal.

I think that electrical issue has been cleared up...just sort of resonates over the years. Hix and Stahls are good products. The 16x20 is a great idea. Who is your press vendor?

I run two GK DC16 swing aways, and have been very happy with them thus far.
I run about on average 300 to 500 pressings a month on them. Good even heat distribution on transfers...


I've only heard great things about the Stahl's unit Mighty Press and that's a good deal as well...

Let us know how you like it ?...

Take care,

matrixdecals said:
Here is the link to my eBay vendor David:

ebay link

Thanks Nick for the feedback.

Thats a good press and you will be able to do whatever you like on it. I wish you had talked with Josh at Imprintables warehouse before the purchase but thats water under the bridge now. I wish I had purchased that larger size...wanna trade????
Is Geo Knight DK16 the only heat press with the possibility to install attachment to print on mugs and caps?

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If your going to buy a combo, this is the one you want to buy. I suggest buying seperate units, but it's your money and your choice. ..... JB
You think that these attachments are not as efficient as seperate units?
You think that these attachments are not as efficient as seperate units?
I think you will be better served buying seperate units. I am a firm believer in one tool for each application. I have found if you buy something that will do more than one thing, then it doesn't do any of them well. ..... JB
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